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Cacao Ceremony Gift Box

Cacao Ceremony Gift Box

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The perfect gift for yourself or a friend!

Inside this beautifully packed box you will find:

  • An artisanal Ceremonial cup, lovingly made by an acclaimed potter in Cape Town
  • 210g Ceremonial Cacao from Bali, The Islands of the Gods (7 full servings)
  • Spices to flavour your Ceremonial Cacao (cinnamon, cayenne pepper, Himalayan sea salt, turmeric)
  • Coconut blossom sugar
  • Palo Santo, or "holy wood", used much like incense in ritual settings as an energy and space cleanser.
  • A gemstone to assist with meditation and heart opening 
  • 50g Ceremonial Cacao premium loose leaf tea
  • A beautiful information and recipe card  

Please note that our special cups may vary in colour. Our current colours are white, green, black and pink.

Extra cups are for sale at 110- each

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