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Ceremonial Cacao 1kg Slab

Ceremonial Cacao 1kg Slab

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Our Cacao is imported from Bali and is Organic certified. We support small farmers who have been maintaining their way of life for generations, making it possible for each Cup of Ceremonial Cacao to be truly Ceremonial.

If you are a Cacao Ceremony host; hostess; practitioner; nutritionist, or simply want to take your Ceremonial Cacao practice to a higher level, these 1 kg blocks are excellent value.

  • Approximately 33 full servings of Ceremonial Cacao, and if stored correctly, can last for up to 2 years.
  • If you feel called to deepen your Ceremonial Cacao practice, or become a certified Ceremonial Cacao practitioner, please make contact with us.
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